Kansas Destination Specialist

2024 is a Kansas Destination Specialist (KDS) renewal year for all designees. Even if you received your KDS in 2023, you must complete a renewal in 2024. The good news is that renewal isn’t really difficult and you might even renew without any special effort.

Renewing members must complete at least two of the following requirements:

1. Read and complete one book report form (any category). If you find a book that you want to read and it is not on the list, send me the name and a brief synopsis via email to see if it will work.

2. Visit one Kansas attraction, 50+ miles from home, and submit the visiting attraction form.

3. Obtain one education point. The KS Tourism Conference and Destination Statehouse count for this requirement automatically. Other education sessions require the education session follow-up form to be submitted.

4. Submit four reports from webinars you participated in using the educational session follow-up form.

5. Submit four reports from online articles or industry publications with the appropriate renewal form above.

If you have not completed your requirements by early August, you will be getting an email from me to remind you to do so. If you have a question you do not see covered, email me at tourism@cityofliberal.org or call me at 620-626-0170.

If you have not yet received your KDS and want to work on it this year, here are some details you need to know:

1. The deadline for submissions this year is September 27, 2024.

2. Check https://tiak.org/resources/kds/ for the list of how many points you have so you know what you need for completion. If your name is highlighted in red—you are almost there. Just need those book reports. If your name is in green—you are close to having 25 points. Knowing where you are in the process will help you decide if you can make it happen by the deadline.

3. Anything you have done since last year’s deadline of Sept. 16, 2023 can still be submitted.

4. All TIAK educational offerings you register for and attend automatically give you points without you completing any follow-up paperwork. Any other educational offering must be submitted on the Education Session Follow-up Form.

5. There is a recommended book list but it is hard to keep up to date with all the new books being published. If you have a book that falls into one of the three categories (Kansas, Leadership, Marketing) and think it is a great option then send me an email (tourism@cityofliberal.org) with a brief synopsis to get it approved for use.

Points accumulate as follows: half point for webinar or seminar; one point for half-day session; two points for full-day session; and three points for two or more days.

On the visiting an attraction requirement, you earn one point for each attraction. You may do more than one attraction from the same town but it must be a valid Kansas attraction. Example: Restaurants will only count if it is in a historic building and you are able to tour and learn about the building.