TIAK Committees are a vital part of the TIAK organization. Committee chairs are appointed on an annual basis by the TIAK President. Committee membership is encouraged. The majority of the committees meet primarily by conference call, but occasionally do meet in person if needed. If you would like to serve on a TIAK Committee please contact the committee chair.

Committee Information


The Advocacy Committee acts as the legislative arm of TIAK. The major goals of the committee are to:

  • Continue to interact with Kansas Wildlife, Parks and Tourism office serving as liaison to the industry.
  • Develop legislative agenda.
  • Continue to monitor tourism funding and issues.
  • Build legislative alliances and partnerships statewide with all segments of the tourism industry to support the TIAK legislative agenda.
  • Continue to take the lead role in educating the legislature about the importance and impact of tourism on the state’s economy.
  • Update the membership on legislative activities weekly during the session using email, conference call and podcast technologies as appropriate.
  • Host Destination Statehouse activities as an educational and advocacy opportunity for members.

Committee Chairs

Jim Zaleski (Co-Chair)
Julie Roller Weeks (Co-Chair)

Annual Conference

The TIAK Annual Conference Committee helps to plan, promote and implement the annual Kansas Tourism Conference in partnership with Kansas Tourism.

Committee Chairs

Megan Welsh (Chair)


The TIAK Education Committee is charged with offering the TIAK membership learning opportunities during the year, as well as to:

  • Evaluate best practices for educating our members including topics, methods, and best ways to reach our membership.
  • Work with the Conference Committee to determine educational topics and secure speakers for the Annual Conference.
  • Increase awareness of, and define the benefits of, the Kansas Destination Specialist certification program.
  • Increase the number of new KDS designees and assist current designees with renewing certification.
  • Maintain a Speaker’s Bureau list of current and relevant speakers.
  • Compile and make available a list of all Kansas higher education facilities and associations that provide tourism industry educational programming.
  • Offer opportunities for TIAK members to promote their internships through the TIAK website.
  • Work with the Conference Committee to find sponsors to host hospitality students at the Annual Conference. If sponsorships are secured, create an application, promote the opportunity to higher education programs and select the right candidate(s) for attendance at the Annual Conference.

For a listing of educational opportunities, click here.

Committee Chairs

Tiffany Benien (Education Co-Chair)
Andrea Johnson (Education Co-Chair)
Sally Fuller (KDS Chair)

Marketing Communication

The TIAK Marketing Communication committee manages the marketing awards to be awarded at the Annual Tourism Conference; assists members and the organization with dissemination of information to the media by creating templates for use; markets approved TIAK activities such as National Tourism Week, Destination Statehouse and others as directed by the TIAK Executive Committee; and maintains the TIAK website.

Committee Chairs

Christina Hayes (Chair)

Membership and Member Services

The primary goal of the TIAK Membership Committee is to work to expand TIAK membership to include representatives from all aspects of the travel industry, via multi-level contact with potential members. To accomplish this, the committee will continue the ‘Refer a Member’ program, as well as monitor┬ámember retention and formally survey any non-renewals for input on how we can improve service.

Committee Chairs

Julie Saddler (Chair)


The Finance Committee reports monthly and annual financials to most accurately reflect the organization’s accounts receivables and payables; refines budgeting process and works toward growing an operational reserve fund for the organization; monitors the budget to ensure actual expenses remain within acceptable limits; and works with the Executive Directors and other committees to pursue methods of generating non-dues revenue and securing sponsorships.

Committee Chairs

Marcia Rozell


The Governance Committee conducts a thorough review of TIAK bylaws and recommends a comprehensive set of revisions to be adopted at year-end. And at the request of the Executive Committee, reviews any recommendations that could be impacted by, or could impact, the TIAK bylaws.

Committee Chairs

Sally Fuller (Chair)