TIAK Committees are a vital part of the TIAK organization. Committee chairs are appointed on an annual basis by the TIAK President. Committee membership is encouraged. The majority of the committees meet primarily by conference call, but occasionally do meet in person if needed. If you would like to serve on a TIAK Committee please contact the committee chair.

Committee Information


The Advocacy Committee acts as the legislative arm of TIAK. The major goals of the committee are:

  • Develop a legislative agenda
  • Build legislative alliances and partnerships
  • Organize and host a Day on the Hill event with the purpose of developing relationships and educating legislators and TIAK members
  • Interact with the Travel and Tourism office and serve as a liaison to the industry
  • Lend guidance and support to the TIAK Political Action Committee (PAC)
  • Monitor legislative issues that can impact the tourism industry
  • Update the membership on legislative activities during the session

Committee Chairs

Jim Zaleski (chair)
Jennifer Laird (vice-chair)


The TIAK Conference Committee is made up of the current host community, the past host community and the future host community as well as a member from the KDWPT. The committee helps plan and coordinate the Tourism Conference for that year.

Committee Chairs

Roxanne Morgan (chair)


The TIAK Education Committee is charged with offering the TIAK membership educational opportunities and resources throughout the year beyond the Annual Tourism Conference. The Committee has four focus areas, including:

  • Webinars/mini-educational seminars;
  • Kansas Destination Specialist certification program, which is the official certification program sponsored by TIAK and earned through education credits;
  • Speakers bureau, which is a resource for members looking for speakers on specific topics;
  • Higher education, which connects various hospitality programs at area colleges/universities to the membership for continuing education and/or internships.

Most Education Committee work is done through conference calls and emails. For a listing of educational opportunities, click here.

Committee Chairs

Karen Hibbard (Education co-chair)
Brett Oetting (Education co-chair)
Sally Fuller (KDS chair)


The TIAK Marketing committee is charged with such tasks as marketing strategies for growing TIAK as the “umbrella” organization for the travel industry in Kansas, handling media and press kits for TIAK and assessing co-op marketing opportunities beneficial to TIAK members. In addition, the committee oversees the Annual TIAK Marketing Awards presented at the annual conference as a way to recognize the great efforts of our members to promote Kansas tourism. Finally, this committee is responsible for the website content and maintenance with the assistance from TIAK staff.

Committee Chairs

Andrea Johnson (co-chair)
Holly Lofton (co-chair)


The primary goal of the TIAK Membership Committee is to grow the organization, in numbers of members, in dues income and in breadth of membership makeup. To accomplish this, the committee works with TIAK staff, board, other committees and current membership to identify and recruit new members, as well as develop messaging, marketing materials and campaigns. Most membership committee work is done through email and conference calls.

Committee Chairs

TBD (chair)


The Finance Committee reviews TIAK financial statements and ensures the financial stability of the organization. The committee is made up of TIAK Executive Committee members.

Committee Chairs

Kelly Peetoom (chair)


The Governance Committee reviews the TIAK by-laws and its compliance with state laws and regulations.

Committee Chairs

Sally Fuller (chair)