TIAK PAC is a voluntary, non-profit, incorporated committee of individual citizens, corporations and associations who are interested in the promotion of the travel and tourism industry in Kansas and to sponsor or promote other election-related activities authorized by law. TIAK PAC is an independent, autonomous organization and is not affiliated with any political party.

The purposes of TIAK PAC are:

  • To promote the election of candidates to the Kansas Legislature and Kansas statewide elected offices. TIAK PAC may support and/or endorse candidates for the Kansas Legislature and statewide elected officials based on their support of travel and tourism issues and, support for the objectives of the Travel Industry Association of Kansas; and
  • To encourage individual citizens to know and understand the nature and actions of their government, the important political issues, and the records of officeholders and candidates for State legislative office or Kansas state elected offices. TIAK PAC shall not make contributions to candidates for federal office.

Working to make sure pro-tourism candidates can carry our voice and speak for TIAK’s concerns is an important part of the election cycle. In addition to our votes on election day, candidates also need our financial support in the weeks and months leading up to that date.

As a member of TIAK, you can donate to the TIAK PAC and your political contributions will be combined with those of other members – this way even the smallest amount can help make an impact. Members often ask if a small PAC contribution really makes a difference to the tourism efforts in Kansas, and the answer is YES! It doesn’t take a lot of money to make a difference and by combining our resources through the TIAK PAC we really can impact our travel industry.

NOTE: PAC contributions should not be made from public funds.

For information regarding TIAK PAC please contact Donna Price.


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