Advocacy Positions

Travel Industry Association of Kansas (TIAK) is the unified voice speaking on behalf of the travel industry in the state of Kansas. Our organization has over 150 members representing and promoting communities all over Kansas. Our legislative positions are developed through the committee process and are representative of member’s positions through member surveys.

2023 TIAK Federal Platform

2024 TIAK Legislative Agenda

Travel Industry Association of Kansas speaks with one voice for the travel industry in the State of Kansas, promoting and supporting all components of the travel industry and travel development field. Our association is active in the legislative process. Testimony provided by TIAK and its members can be viewed below.


HB 2168

Transient Guest Tax Talking Points


SCR 1618

Presentation to the Senate Commerce Committee – Karen Hibbard

HB 2567

SCR 1618


HB 2136

HB 2402


SB 319

HB 2651

HB 2689

HB 2561

HB 2403