Here’s What Our Members Have to Say . . .

“We really depend on TIAK to be a voice for the tourism industry at the capitol. When tourism issues surface, we receive up-to-date information from them, and guidance as to how to react in our community and in our organization. It is the one place where the tourism industry gathers and presents as one voice to the legislature, as well as to the state of Kansas. The yearly conference offers something for every aspect of the industry, regardless of the community size, size of budget or what part of the industry you are involved in.”

—Jan Stevens, Dodge City Convention & Visitors Bureau


“TIAK helps with knowledge from professionals from other areas, and Day on the Hill gives me the opportunity to talk directly to legislators. It also gives me the opportunity to talk to other professionals from other organizations generating great ideas, camaraderie, and learning about other areas and their tourism issues.”

— Natalie Donges, Kansas Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds


“Our budget and staff could not afford a lobbyist or the time it would take to stay in front of legislators. I feel it is very important to keep abreast of the activities at the state house that can potentially affect our industry. TIAK staff do a great job of this for the small price of our annual membership fee.”

—Linda Briden, Visit Topeka


“TIAK allows me to gain knowledge of current trends, legislative concerns, as well as to help solve potential problems before they get out of control. The investment is very small compared to the return we receive from advocacy, as well as the annual conference.”

–Gloria Moore, Washington County Tourism


“For me, the dollars I spend on our CVB membership and staff memberships, plus the sponsorship dollars we try to commit are: in return for excellent services that we could not afford as an individual bureau, particularly the legislative work but, more importantly, an investment in the industry as a whole. It sounds cliché, but a rising tide really does raise all boats, and I believe it is the responsibility of all the boats to invest as they can to keep the tide rising, and keep the sharks at bay!”

–Sylvia Rice, Visit Salina


“TIAK has provided countless opportunities. I truly value the many friendships I have made in the industry through the networking opportunities TIAK provides. I am amazed at the level of professionalism in the organization, and I appreciate the newsletters and the webinars. In my opinion, there is no quantitative measure on the return on a TIAK investment. I value each and every opportunity provided by the organization.”

–Connie Kimsey, Formerly of Arkansas City Convention & Visitors Bureau


“TIAK serves a number of purposes for those involved in the Kansas tourism industry. The difficult task of representing DMOs of all sizes is accomplished by a combination of hands on membership involvement, communication on current events and a commitment to providing continuing education. Events such as the Annual Conference and Legislative Day on the Hill combined with a regular regiment of e-based educational seminars and an informative newsletter keep members not only informed but armed with the tools necessary to provide leadership at the local and state-wide level.”

–Jim Zaleski, Labette County Tourism


“As a member of TIAK for over ten years, I can say that our DMO relies heavily on this association for everything from unified legislative representation at the Capitol to providing current industry research and member assistance. From ample networking opportunities to valuable learning at the annual conference, we believe our membership is well worth the dues investment. TIAK connects the destination professional with the resources, tools and partnerships needed to ensure industry success, and we feel that TIAK has served our bureau well in those endeavors.”

–Karen Crane, Merriam Visitors Bureau