2014 Survey Responses by Candidate

Click on the candidate’s name (listed alphabetically) to read their profile. Please note that some candidates may not have responded to our request for information. And if a candidate does not show a response to a particular question, it is because the question received no response from the candidate, even if the other questions in the survey were answered.

Sandy Ackerson

Elizabeth Arnold

Tony Barton

Nancy Bauder

Amy Bell

Sue Boldra

Carolyn Bridges

Teresa Briggs

Sydney Carlin

J. Basil Dannebohm

Brian E. Davis

Diana Dierks

John Doll

Earl Freeman

Eden Fuson

Austin Harris

Danette Harris

Lane Hemsley

Vicki Hiatt

Linda Johnson

S. Mike Kiegerl

Ann Mah

Cindy Neighbor

Jim Poe

Jan Pringle

Doug Robinson

Brent Stackhouse

James Todd

Kathy Wolfe Moore

Steve Wright